Thank you for your interest in being a 2021 Boone Dawdle volunteer! We approve applications on a rolling basis and because of the small number of volunteers needed, we may not have a spot for everyone.

It takes about 100 of our lively, loyal volunteers to make the Dawdle happen. From running registration and trailside surprises to hopping bikes up the switchback and loading the truck, our volunteer work up a sweat and then join the party! Benefits include admission to the party at Les Bourgeois, concert, and film. Bike Hop and Bike Loading team benefits include hours toward a 2022 True/False Volunteer Pass, too!

IMPORTANT - Email is our primary means of communication. Please use an email address you check frequently.

Our application includes an option to submit demographic information.  Our organizational value of inclusivity states: we honor the dignity of every human. We are an organization of diverse individuals possessing a variety of perspectives, identities, and lived experiences. We recognize that to create an inclusive and intellectually vibrant community, we must understand and value both our individual differences and our collective similarities. Your identified information will be used to evaluate our organization as we work toward meeting our strategic goals of increasing and diversifying both our volunteer base and audience. Please be sure to read all of our organizational values hereAgain, all demographic information is optional and will not impact your application or team status.

If you do not receive confirmation of your application submission RIGHT AWAY please check your JUNK mail.  If not there, please contact us for help.

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One of the most challenging but glorious jobs at the Dawdle. After welcoming some tired riders, your team will walk their bike up the third-of-a-mile hill and hand it off to the bike transport team. The team is spaced out along the switchback so you never have to hop the full distance solo! Requires a strong back, a love of getting really sweaty and really tired, and your name will live on forever in Bike Hops history. In addition to all the other Dawdle volunteer perks, Bike Hops will receive 10 hours towards a T/F 2022 Volunteer Pass (that's HALF a General Volunteer pass!).

Help pull off this unique special events that T/F is known for! You will help with setting up and tearing down the seating and meal portion of the event with most of your time spent at the winery. Be up for helping with everything from using a clicker to count the number of people to setting up folding chairs.

Help sell the coolest merch this side of the Missouri River. During your shift, you may set up or break down the merch station, or distribute and sell cool T/F goods to attendees. Retail/cash register experience preferred. Requires some heavy lifting and standing for periods of time.

Our small and mighty photo team is charged with the ambitious task of capturing it all: inside and out! With an opportunity to Dawdle along the trail or bounce from stop to stop, you'll document every bit of fun and adventure. Experienced photographers preferred and you will need to provide your own equipment. Please include links to your website or portfolio/blog site in the special skills portion of your application.

Have you been a T/F Queen, or have you always wanted to be? Are you gregarious, outrageous, and love to dress up in crazy outfits? Then we need YOU to help out as a Queen with some very special assignments (at Registration, along the Trail, and out at the Winery). Your schedule and duties will vary depending on where you're stationed, but expect to be "on" for several hours throughout the day.
Check in participants at the start of the bike ride (at Flat Branch Park) and at the winery. It's helpful if you have a working laptop with a battery and wifi (but not strictly necessary). Once the event starts, you'll assist at the registration table, punch attendee passes in the dining room, help attendees find seats, and provide general information.
Come out to the winery early to help set up our magical outdoor cinema, and then stay up late to help us make it all disappear. This shift will be a SPLIT shift, with set up for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then tear down starting once the party's over (around 11P). This means you'll definitely be able enjoy the party AND the movie (and possibly even part or all of the ride)! Requires some heavy lifting. Shift runs from approx noon to 5P, and then again from approx 11P to 3A.
Help set up, operate, and tear down all the lovely surprises along the Katy Trail. In addition to helping to run one of the surprises (which involves everything from handing out snacks to showing people how to make giant bubbles, and a million other things in between), you'll spend a lot of time interacting with Dawdle participants.
Have any special talents? Prefer to help at a specific trailside surprise? Why do you want to help with the Boone Dawdle? Got any good advice? This is our favorite part of the application to read.

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