Volunteer Application

Please fill out the form below to apply to volunteer at True/False 2014. After you've submitted your application, we'll review it and let you know if there is a position available. Thank you for your interest in helping the festival.

NOTE: Returning volunteers in good standing will be given placement priority over new volunteers, so if you are a NEW volunteer (that is, this will be your first time volunteering for a T/F event), keep in mind that you may not get your first or even your second choice team. RETURNING volunteers: to ensure that you get the placement you want, sign up by early December; you will receive your placement by the end of the year. Volunteers who sign up by the end of December will receive their placements in January. ALL VOLUNTEERS who sign up later than December will be placed by February 15 and are much less likely to receive their top choices. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's top choices but may not be able to in all cases!

Personal & Contact Information
Emergency Contact
T/F Experience
Skills & Abilities
Day shifts run between 8am-5 pm; night shifts run from 2pm-Midnight. These times are approximate; your shift will take place between these times but may not last the entire 8-10 hours. Your schedule may vary.

Juggernauts must work at least 40 hours. For us to schedule you for enough shifts, you'll need to be flexible about your availability. In reviewing applications, we give preference to volunteers with previous experience and ample availability.
Work Preferences

Select your 2 top choices from the lists below. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's preferences, but some jobs do fill up quickly.


~50 volunteers WHAT: Does paper mache excite you? Do you enjoy creating something out of practically nothing? As an Art team member, you'll assist our artists with physical design projects that will transform venues throughout the Fest into the T/F universe. Must apply EARLY and be available for a minimum of 15 h during the months leading up to the Fest. It's helpful if you're handy with power tools, paint brushes, and glue guns. WHEN: There are no schedule restrictions to joining this team, but work groups assemble EARLY (before 2015). Often volunteers are selected by individual artists who may or may not work in Columbia. Volunteer work times are variable, depending on the project, and ALL projects are completed BEFORE the fest begins. Your assistance may also be required for setting up and tearing down art installations.

Audio Tech Crew

~30 volunteers WHAT: The Audio Tech Crew creates the sonic experience of the festival, so if you take tech seriously and enjoy being at the helm of a multi-channel soundboard, we're interested. AUDIO experience is REQUIRED to be part of the tech team, so please list yours in the Skills and Abilities section. WHEN: Tech volunteers put in their 15-h commitment in the days before, during and after the Fest. We do NOT require any projectionists or videographers at this time.

Box Office

~30 volunteers WHAT: Provide festival-worthy customer service to passholders and ticket buyers at our bustling Box Office. Must love helping people and answering questions with a smile. Job often includes being on your feet for long periods of time. Customer service, retail, and/or cash register experience preferred. WHEN: While some Box Office shifts occur during the days before and after the Fest, most volunteers are needed during festival days and nights. Long shifts will include staggered break times. March 5-8: MORNING 8am-12pm, FULL-DAY 8am-4pm, AFTERNOON 12pm-5pm, NIGHT 4pm-10:30pm


~20 volunteers WHAT: Do you enjoy having interesting conversations with interesting people? Do you want to get paid a little for your volunteer job? Then consider the Chauffeur Team! Your responsibilities will include picking up filmmakers from area airports including St. Louis and Columbia, and to transport filmmakers and industry guest around the Columbia area. Drivers must be at least 23 years old and apply for a Class E Chauffeur's license ($30 fee funded by T/F insert link to DMV URL). You will be given a stipend for each trip made to area airports. WHEN: Feb 28-Mar 9, MORNING 8am-12pm, AFTERNOON 12pm-4pm, EVENING 4pm-9PM, NIGHT 8pm-2am (4am Mar 7)

Child Care Team

~12 volunteers WHAT: This small and dedicated team helps care for children whose parents are attending film screenings. Must be 18 yr+, individuals with child care experience are preferred. WHEN:

Errand Runners

~10 volunteers WHAT: We need a few reliable volunteers with transportation to work in the office and as errand runners in the weekends and daytime hours leading up to and during the Fest. If you have limited time during the Fest, but have a flexible schedule and still want to volunteer, consider applying as an Errand Runner. Specify your daytime and weekend availability in February/March on your application. WHEN: Feb 21-22, Feb 28-Mar 10, DAY 10am-3pm, NIGHT 3pm-9pm (on call after 6 pm)

Events Team

~60 volunteers WHAT: For those 21 yrs+: Help create the energetic special events that T/F is known for around the world. Our events are a unique affair and wow even the best of 'em. You must be available for a minimum of 15 h during the fest. You'll help set up, break down, and run good times such as Reality Bites, Gimme Truth, the March March, and late-night parties. Will include food service and clean-up, and may involve late nights. WHEN: ONLY during Fest, March 5-8: DAY 8am-4pm, SWING 3pm-9pm, NIGHT 9am-2am

Film Liaisons

~40 volunteers WHAT: The Filmmaker Liaison team meets and greets film festival guests (filmmakers, industry guests, and high level pass holders) as they arrive at their lodging in Columbia. The team also acts as the main contact for film festival guests and will sometimes escort them around town. This team will coordinate and distribute information packets for guests. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fascinating people! WHEN: March 3-9, MORNING 8am-12pm, FULL-DAY 8am-4pm, AFTERNOON 12pm-5pm, NIGHT 4pm-12am

Merchandise Team

~35 volunteers WHAT: Help sell the coolest merch this side of the Missouri River. During your minimum 15-h commitment, you may set up or break down merch stations in the days before and after the Fest, or distribute and sell cool T/F goods to attendees. You may even get to model one of those fashionable T/F hoodies! Retail/cash register experience preferred. Requires some heavy lifting and standing for long periods of time. WHEN: up to 2 wks before fest, mostly during fest, DAY 8am-4pm, SWING 3pm-9pm

Music Team

~25 volunteers WHAT: If the musical side of the fest is more your speed, sign up to help our music managers with all aspects of facilitating life at the fest for our musicians! Join this team to work as a musician liaison, staff the musician lounge and busker showcase concerts, and sell musician merchandise. Volunteers involved in music preferred. WHEN: Availability during the Fest is a must, but you may be required in the days before and after as well, DAY 10am-6pm, SWING 4pm-10pm, NIGHT 7 pm-1am.


~24 volunteers WHAT: Think you have what it takes to be a mobile, flamboyant information station at one of our T/F venues? Want to wrangle patrons in the Q outside each theater? Our Queens have what it takes to engage with a crowd, and to assist and guide all who ask with style and a smile. If interested, tell us how YOU are qualified to serve as T/F royalty! WHEN: ONLY during Fest, March 5-8, DAY 8am-4pm, NIGHT 4pm-11pm, and shorter shifts

Set Up/Break Down

~90 volunteers WHAT: Can you lift and carry heavy (50 lb) and/or awkward objects, problem solve, and are willing to get your hands dirty? The trusty SetUp/Breakdown crew transforms festival venues into True/Falsian movie palaces before the Fest begins, then return them to their humble origins after the Fest ends. Most SUBD hours are completed during weekDAYS and are before and after the Fest, so members of this team will be able to get the full T/F experience with their volunteer pass. WHEN: mostly DAY 10am-6pm, some SWING 3pm-9pm, rarely NIGHT 6pm-12pm. Weekday availability in any amount is especially helpful!

Special Operations

~15 volunteers WHAT: This Team's leader describe Special Operations as "customer service for T/F teams." Special Ops provides support for all of the divisions throughout the Fest on the days leading up to and during the Fest; you'll get your hands dirty and you'll work in multiple locations, both inside and out of most, if not all, of our venues. Juggernaut volunteers are preferred, but General volunteers will also be considered for this small but essential team. Anyone with a strong back and strong constitution is welcome to apply. WHEN: During Fest ONLY, March 5-8, SHIFTS?

Sustainability Team

~25 volunteers WHAT: Join the Sustainability Team as T/F works towards creating a more environmentally-friendly festival! Our main goal is to increase recycling at the big T/F events, including Jubilee, Reality Bites, Weird Wake-up, Closing Night Reception, and the Busker’s Last Stand. All are welcome to join the team, particularly if you are wiling to handle recyclables, and can brainstorm creative green ways to haul recycling items! WHEN: ONLY during fest, March 5-8: DAY 12pm-4pm, SWING 3pm-9pm, NIGHT 9am-2am

Theater Operations

~300 volunteers WHAT: Be part of the LARGEST (and arguably GREATEST) team of the fest! Theater Operations volunteers inhabit 10 festival theaters and keep them humming right along. You'll take tickets, manage lines, count seats, usher people into the theater, and interact with a public eager to see the best docs around. This is where the action is, with venues abuzz with filmmakers, musicians, and Columbia's finest passholders and attendees. Expect to be on your feet a significant amount of time, as well as some quiet times during screenings. If you have cash-handling experience, consider requesting a BOXTOp position for selling tickets prior to screenings at individual theaters. WHEN: ALL Theater Ops hours are completed during the Fest, March 5-8, DAY 8am-4pm, NIGHT 4pm-12pm.

Setup and Breakdown
Note: This is not a requirement to be a SUBD volunteer.
Building Team
Juggernaut Essay
Please write a short essay letting us know why you think you ought to be a Juggernaut. Please reference past experience, special skills, or legendary feats of True/False valor (past or future).
Note: Not being able to attend the volunteer meeting may mean that your application will not be approved.

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