Please fill out the form below to apply to volunteer at Boone Dawdle 2015.  After you've submitted your application, we'll review it and let you know if there is a position available. In return for their hard work, all volunteers will receive our heartfelt thanks, an official Boone Dawdle Volunteer bandana made by Adinkra (a local company), two Ragtag passes, dinner and two drinks out at the winery, and many of you will be able to take in the band and the film (space and your assignment permitting)! Thank you for your interest in helping the festival!

PLEASE NOTE: For the 2015 Boone Dawdle, we have an official Rain Date -- Sunday, August 16 -- and are asking for a commitment from all volunteers to be available to work on both days. If necessary, we will make the decision to postpone the event no later than the Volunteer Training on August 15. If we do end up using our Rain Date, you'll be asked to stick around for the Volunteer Training on the 15th, and we'll let you know when and where you'll need to go on the 16th. When you fill out your application below, note that you'll need to indicate that you can work BOTH days to be able to sign up as a Dawdle volunteer. For questions or concerns, please contact Ben Falby at 

Emergency Contact


Team Preferences

There are volunteer opportunities in many very different work teams. Click on a team name below to get a better idea of WHAT these volunteers do, WHEN they do it, and HOW MANY volunteers are needed. As teams are filled, they will be removed from the application.

We ask that you try to match the WHATs, WHENs and HOW MANYs of each team with YOUR particular skills and interests, time availability, and the timing of your application. In light of these particulars, select your TOP 3 team preferences. Based on our needs and your particulars, we’ll do our best to place you on one of these teams.

Help load em' up and ship em' out from Les Bourgeois. Back at Flat Branch Park, you'll help organize bikes and make sure they get back to their rightful owners. Requires lifting bikes fairly steadily (with frequent breaks) for several hours. This team will be working during most of the event (but don’t worry, you WILL get dinner!). In addition to the perks all Dawdle volunteers receive, Bike Loaders will also receive a VOLUNTEER PASS FOR TRUE/FALSE 2016!

When? Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:30AM - Midnight (includes Volunteer Training, with DOUGHNUTS); Sun Aug 16, 2015 11AM - 3AM (Rain Date)
How Many? 16

One of the most challenging but glorious jobs at the Dawdle. After negotiating your price in raffle tickets with tired riders, you'll schlep their bike up the third-of-a-mile hill and hand it off to the bike transport team. Requires a strong back and a love of getting really sweaty and really tired. Also, your name will live on forever in bike sherpa history.

When? Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:30AM - Midnight (includes Volunteer Training, with DOUGHNUTS); Sun Aug 16, 2015 11AM - 3AM (Rain Date)
How Many? 12