True/False 2015
Apply to Volunteer

Welcome! The energy and creative spirit of more than 1000 people working in more than 25 different teams will be needed to make T/F 2015 a great fest!

If you have never volunteered for the festival before – We’re grateful that you are willing to donate your time! Please take a few minutes to read a short introduction and some basic information to consider before filling out your application.

If you are a returning volunteer – Thank you and welcome back! Your experience and hard work over the past decade is one of the reasons that film lovers regard True/False as one of the most fun, inventive and community-oriented festivals in the world of filmmaking. As a returning volunteer, please be sure to respond to queries about your past T/F experiences, and also indicate if you’ve already been recruited to work on a 2015 team by naming your team leader.

General Volunteer

Give us at least 15 hours and we'll give you our heartfelt thanks, a volunteer pass and an official volunteer t-shirt. Your pass grants you admission to films via the Q at all festival venues. You'll also be admitted to the volunteers-only party during the fest.


Are you looking for a whirlwind of crazy fun and hard work? Well, we're looking for a group of dedicated, resourceful, and hard-working superstars who are willing to pour at least 40 hours of love into the True/False universe. Hours may be completed before, during, or after the Fest, and you can apply to work in any area (though some teams have more Juggernaut spots than others). In addition to the perks of a General Volunteer, you'll also get your own badge of honor (literally) and also get to pick up 6 tickets at the Box Office starting at 9AM the Friday of the fest, and a voucher to get into the coveted Silver Circle Q at either the Blue Note or Missouri Theatre. Sound like fun? If so, select Juggernaut on the form and briefly tell us why you want to become one. We're looking for more Juggernaut volunteers this year who have open availability during the four days of the Fest, so if you're willing to clear your calendar, we've got a job for you. Please reference special skills, preferences, or projects that interest you. We're working on the details for a couple of additional benefits for Juggernauts in 2015. Stay tuned for announcements about these exciting new perks.

Emergency Contact


  • Tue, Mar 3
  • Wed, Mar 4
  • Thu, Mar 5
  • Fri, Mar 6
  • Sat, Mar 7
  • Sun, Mar 8
  • Mon, Mar 9
  • Tue, Mar 10
  • Wed, Mar 11
  • Thu, Mar 12

Team Preferences

There are volunteer opportunities in many very different work teams. Click on a team name below to get a better idea of WHAT these volunteers do, WHEN they do it, and HOW MANY volunteers are needed. As teams are filled, they will be removed from the application.

We ask that you try to match the WHATs, WHENs and HOW MANYs of each team with YOUR particular skills and interests, time availability, and the timing of your application. In light of these particulars, select your TOP 3 team preferences. Based on our needs and your particulars, we’ll do our best to place you on one of these teams.

When? Mon, Mar 2 (8AM-5PM); Tue, Mar 3 (8AM-5PM); Wed, Mar 4 (8AM-5PM); Thu, Mar 5 (8AM-5PM); Mon, Mar 9 (8AM-5PM)
How Many? 15

Requires repeated heavy lifting (50 lb), problem solving, and a willingness to get your hands dirty. This trusty crew will transform festival venues into True/Falsian movie palaces before the Fest begins, then return them to their humble origins after the Fest ends. Most SUBD hours are completed during weekDAYS and are before and after the Fest, so members of this team will often be able to get the full T/F experience with their volunteer pass.

When? Mon, Mar 9 (8AM-5PM)
How Many? 90

Be part of the LARGEST (and arguably GREATEST) team of the fest! Theater Operations volunteers inhabit 10 festival theaters and keep them humming right along. You'll take tickets, manage lines, count seats, usher people into the theater, and interact with a public eager to see the best docs around. This is where the action is, with venues abuzz with filmmakers, musicians, and Columbia's finest passholders and attendees. Expect to be on your feet a significant amount of time, as well as some quiet times during screenings. ALL Theater Ops hours are completed during the Fest (March 5-8), generally in ~8hr shifts. If you have cash-handling experience, consider requesting a job selling tickets at individual theaters prior to screenings.

When? Thu, Mar 5 (8AM-5PM); Fri, Mar 6 (8AM-5PM); Sat, Mar 7 (8AM-5PM); Sun, Mar 8 (8AM-5PM); Thu, Mar 5 (4PM-Midnight); Fri, Mar 6 (4PM-2A); Sat, Mar 7 (4PM-2A); Sun, Mar 8 (4PM-2A)
How Many? 300



Preferred for Set Up/Break Down applicants
Required for Lifting Team applicants
Preferred for Box Office, Merchandise, Theater Operations applicants
Required for Booze, Events applicants
Required for Filmmaker Liaison applicants
Required for Chauffeur applicants
Required for Chauffeur applicants
Required for Audio Tech applicants
Required for Audio Tech applicants
Required for Booze applicants
Preferred for Stage Managers applicants
Required for Child Care Team applicants
Required for Errand Runners applicants
Required for Build Team applicants
Required for Build Team applicants
Required for Juggernaut volunteer applicants